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Pavillion Weddings

Embrace the joy of your special day beneath the open expanse of Casa de Soles' pavilion. Our pavilion weddings offer a unique blend of nature and celebration, surrounded by the natural beauty of our estate. Say your vows in this charming space, where the gentle breeze and the rustling leaves create a harmonious backdrop to your love story. With its rustic charm and versatile design, the pavilion allows for personalized ceremonies and receptions, making it the ideal canvas for your dream wedding. Casa de Soles invites you to experience the magic of a pavilion wedding – a perfect union of natural elegance and joyous celebration.

Moreover, our pavilion wedding option serves as a worry-free contingency plan, ensuring your celebration remains enchanting even in the event of unexpected rain. This versatile space seamlessly combines the charm of an outdoor setting with the practicality of shelter, allowing your love to shine regardless of the weather. Casa de Soles invites you to consider the pavilion as your worry-free ideal choice, where the beauty of nature meets the comfort of a covered celebration, ensuring your special day remains magical, rain or shine.


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